Kim’s Taekwon-Do

NOW at North County Recreation District

Adults, children (7+) and families are welcome!

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Kim’s Taekwon-do class is held each week at North County Recreation District.  This is non-contact traditional taekwon-do.  Because it is non-contact men, women and children of all different skill levels can learn and practice together.  Students must be at least 7 years old and folks are never too old.  The class is taught by Shawna Secord.

Mrs. Secord is a 4th degree black belt.  She began taking taekwon-do in 1997 and taught at Kim’s Montavilla school in Portland from 2008 until she moved to Hamlet.  Currently she helps out at several of the schools in Portland.  A student as well as an instructor, Mrs. Secord takes classes from 7th degree Master Cynthia Brown.  In taekwon-do, rank promotions and competition are two ways to see how far we have progressed.  Mrs. Secord is preparing to test for her Masters (5th degree) and at a recent tournament in Gresham, Mrs. Secord took first place in sparring (fighting) in both women’s advanced black belt and senior divisions.  About her own beginnings in taekwon-do “I started taking taekwon-do with my husband and my children.  It was a great family activity.  We used taekwon-do to reinforce the values we wanted our children to have as adults.  As I progressed, I saw increased self-assurance not only in the kids but also in myself.  Growing up I wasn’t very active and I didn’t play sports.  Martial arts give me an opportunity to be physically active, challenged me to learn new things, pushed me out of my comfort zone, and allowed me to grow in areas I never expected.”

Kim’s Taekwon-do has schools in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Texas, and Hawaii.  This class (and the schools in Seaside and Tillamook) is affiliated with the Portland schools.  Information about Kim’s Taekwondo is available on their website www.kimstkdportland.com or on FaceBook at Kimstkdportland.  Call Mrs. Secord (971.219.1550) for more information.