Yoga Classes at NCRD

Our Manzanita, Nehalem and Wheeler area is blessed with a core of  wonderful yoga teachers! Bring a mat and wear comfortable clothing that allows for easy breathing and freedom of movement. View schedule and fees.

Chair Yoga
Instructor: Lorraine Ortiz and Lucy Brook
For those wishing to experience yoga with the support of a chair, this class offers classical hatha yoga postures and breathing to awaken the senses, stretch the spine, infuse energy and expand a feeling of well-being. No prior yoga experience necessary, simply a curiosity about the benefits of this ancient practice and the willingness to give it a try.

Classical Yoga
Instructor: Lorraine Ortiz
Start your weekend off right with a yoga practice which emphasizes classical postures, pranayama and guided relaxation. Appropriate for all levels.

Feel Good Flow Yoga
Instructor:  Amy Pulitzer
Whether to revitalize your practice or satisfy your yoga curiosity for the first time, discover how your mat might just be the magic carpet ride you’re craving. With rooted foundation, safe alignment, focus and breath techniques, discover your own practice and flow with confidence and curiosity on and off the mat! All levels welcome.

Hatha for All
Instructor:  Liz Carroll, Lynda Chick, Tom Janac, Amy Pulitzer
Students of all levels are welcome at this traditional Hatha practice that will challenge, invigorate and renew!  We’ll explore the various aspects of Hatha – breath-control, mind-focusing, stretching, strengthening, balance, stamina-building – and leave class with a satisfied body, calm and clear frame of mind, and an uplifted spirit.

Living Yoga
Instructor:  Lynda Chick
Yoga is the ancient art of living from the wisdom of the heart.  Although many seek out yoga mainly for the physical benefits, there is so much more to discover through a complete practice that also includes dynamic meditation techniques, applied philosophy, and nutrition.  Students of all levels are welcome to enjoy this alignment-based asana and mediation practice that will prepare the body and focus the mind to express the wisdom of the heart.  Safety, feeling and efficacy are the cornerstones of this class.

Mid-Life Yoga: Moving into Your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and Beyond
Instructor: Lucy Brook
Taking you into the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond! Approaching practice with steadiness and awareness, move safely into being ready for the day’s activities. Creative stretches, classical yoga poses, & simple explanation of anatomy combine to promote flexibility, balance, strength & increased energy; to further integration of body, breath & mind. A guided relaxation ends each class. Bring a mat & wear comfortable clothing that allows easy breathing & freedom of movement. Class is available to all levels of practice, adjusting & modifying poses to suit your experience.

Restorative Yoga
Instructor: Lorraine Ortiz and Liz Carroll
The restorative yoga practice goes deep into the connective tissue and releases tension around the stretch. Postures are held for 3 to 5 minutes. Deep breathing techniques and relaxation cues are given. We end the practice with deep relaxation in savasana leaving your body feeling “restored” and open.

Very Gentle Yoga
Instructor:  Lucy Brook
Ready to explore yoga? Starting very slowly and gently, we’ll learn body awareness while focusing on breath. Using the classical yoga poses as our guide, each session will explore the flexibility of the spine, inner strength throughout the body and the new possibilities that yoga offers. Each class ends with a guided relaxation and short meditation.

Yoga Level I
Instructor:  Tom Janac
A nurturing environment provides inspiration, patience, and breath awareness while practicing beginning classical yoga. Release tension, stretch and strengthen muscles, increase balance and flexibility and let your spirit soar!