Pool-A-Thon 2019

The Commitment Continues!

This is the 29th year for this historic annual Nehalem Pool Fundraiser.  All proceeds support the NCRD/NES School Swim & Water Safety Program.  Students in Nehalem have had some form of swim instruction as part of their basic education since the pool was built in 1930.  After the drowning of two local teenage boys in 1929 the community asked the school district to build the pool.  Even though it was during the Great Depression, there was overwhelming support to teach every child how to swim and avoid future tragedies.

Today, under the direction of Sue Dindia-Gray, this program offers weekly lessons as part of PE to all students in Nehalem grades K-5, and also includes NKN District #56 Adaptive Swim Program.  Sue has led the program for NCRD since 1997.  Last year’s Pool-a-Thon was nostalgic because 26 of the students who participated were children of parents who are alumni of the program themselves.

Participating kids canvass the community looking for sponsors.  You can pledge an amount per length or give a specific donation amount.  This event gives the students an opportunity to showcase their learned skills, take ownership of the program and give back to their community.  Please sponsor a swimmer.  We believe that in our community surrounded by water, learning to swim is a necessity, not a luxury.  NCRD remains committed to our mission, “Teach Every Child to Swim!”

This event raises a substantial amount of funds necessary to keep the NCRD/ Nehalem Elementary Swim Program afloat!  Click here to learn more about the event and how to donate.

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