Adult Aquatic Classes

Aqua Yoga
Instructor: Lucy Brook
Traditional yoga poses adapted to the water environment. The water’s buoyancy aids balance and stability. The water’s resistance adds a weight bearing component. The warm water allows soft tissues and muscles to stretch more comfortably, all contributing to a safe and enjoyable practice for all ability levels.

AM Aqua-Fit Workout
Instructor: Barbara McCann
Conducted in shallow water, this class is ideal for all fitness levels, combining aerobics, strength training and core stability and balance exercises.

Deep Water Aqua-cise
Instructor: Nancy Smith
Conducted in deep water, participants wear flotation belts. Movements are performed suspended so there is no impact. Great core work-out that builds and tones muscles.

Water Therapy Exercise/Arthritis Foundation Program
Instructor: Barbara McCann/Nancy Smith
For individuals with arthritis or back, knee, hip or conditions that make exercise difficult.  Participants will establish a regular water exercise routine designed to meet individual needs.  This class will increase strength and stamina; build and tone muscles; improve circulatory & cardiovascular systems; and reduce stress and tension.  This class is for those who want the benefit of water exercise without the fast-paced aerobic routine.

Swim Lessons
Instructor: Sue Dindia-Gray
For all skill levels, youth to adults, from absolute beginner to just polishing your stroke.  If you’ve always wanted to learn how to swim, or if you want to improve your style, this is the class for you.

Parent/Toddler Swim
Instructor: Sue Dindia-Gray
A special time for parents to bring their babies for their first exposure to a pool environment. Children range from a couple of months old to pre-school age.