Pool Design Report Received

A vital component of North County Recreation District’s plans for a new swimming pool was received this week. The draft “Nehalem Bay Pool Conceptual Design Study”, prepared by pool specialist Carl Sherwood of Robinson Sherwood Architects, Eugene, has been completed, and is available for public inspection. The report is the second phase of the architect’s work for NCRD, and follows an Options Study which was completed in October 2012. The conceptual design report includes considerations for sustainable design as well as for building code compliance, and covers the proposed design itself including site plan, floor plan, cross-sections and model views. The scope of mechanical, plumbing, fire protection and electrical systems are described, and a cost estimate for construction and operations is included.

The draft Conceptual Design Report can be viewed here or inspected at the NCRD office, 36155 9th St., Nehalem or at the Manzanita Public Library. The report will be presented at a public meeting in May.

This is the first of two reports about the new pool being completed in April. The second is a Fundraising Feasibility Study that is being prepared by consultant Metropolitan Group, which will be presented to the Board at a public meeting on May 2, 2013 at 6.00 pm in the NCRD facility.