Pool-A-Thon $12,000.00 and Counting!!

It was a fantastic turnout for the 24th Annual Pool-A-Thon held February 22, 2014. Sixty-nine swimmers completed a total of 2,870 lengths, which is the equivalent of 40 miles!! In addition, 11 students who were not available to swim participated by collecting donations for the cause.
PAT-2014-1The enthusiasm and excitement in the natatorium due to each participant’s outstanding accomplishment was evident in the smiling faces. A big thanks to swimmers and supportive families and friends for your perseverance during the Pool-a-Thon. You are the backbone of the fundraiser.

As of March 21, the amount raised hit the $12,000.00 mark and continues to grow with pledges still trickling in!

All participants enjoyed a party and free swim Saturday, March 1, to celebrate their achievements!