2017 Pool-A-Thon Results

Making Fundraising Waves… at $16,000!!!

2017 PAT 2.1The 27th Annual Pool-A-Thon held February 18, 2017 has raised an unprecedented $16,000. Congratulations to the 71 students that swam and raised money. Collectively, they swam 2,519 lengths totaling 35 miles.

The enthusiasm and excitement generated throughout the natatorium was infectious.  Student swimmers showcased their acquired swim skills for 150 adoring and supportive family and friends, providing a true demonstration of endurance and dedication to the school swim program.

2017 PAT 2.5Alumni of the School Swim Program, currently Neah-Kah-Nie Junior High School students, volunteered for the event, giving back to the program and causing a ripple effect through the community!

This annual event raises funds to support the NCRD/Nehalem Elementary School Swim Program. All proceeds from the Pool-A-Thon go directly toward the School Swim Instruction & Water Safety Awareness Program, which impacts the lives of all students, kindergarten through 5th grade, as well as the adaptive swim students of District #56. Thanks to a community that continues the legacy of the now 87-year-old swim program!2017 PAT 2.3

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