2012 Winners of Crayola Art Competition

NCRD and Nehalem Bay Art League are pleased to announce the winners of the 2nd Annual Crayon Only Art Competition. “The competition, for adults only, was a great success,” reports Jane Knapp, NCRD Adult Enrichment Director. The artwork is on exhibit through the month of April in the Gallery, with several pieces available for purchase at reserve prices from the auction held during the gala opening. The proceeds from the auctioned works of art will be used to refurbish the gallery. Other art, not included in the auction, is for sale. Stop by to view the original Crayola Art in the NCRD Gallery.

Congratulations to the winners:

Grand Prize: Doreen Linstedt “Shore Pine”

First: Michaele Woodward “View From Nehalem Point”
Second: Karen Hirte “Castle Moat, Ireland”
Third: Geri Berg “Grandpa’s Barn”

Still Life
First: Geri Berg “Pitchers of Spring”
Second: Karen Hirte “Waiting for Inspiration”

First: Doreen Lindstedt “Pip”
Second: Liza Jones “My Handsome Hound”
Third: Tie – Danette Leisle “Fall Leaf # 2″/Holly Yingling “Dragonfly”

First: Paul Miller “Animal Dreams-Kangaroo Detective”
Second: Steve Lindstedt “Edward G. Robinson”
Third: Elsa La Baw “Imie Camelli”

First: Elsa LaBaw “Corrugated”
Second: Doreen Lindstedt “Abstract Flowers”
Third: Ty Mautner “The Witching Hour”